Foundation Kansarmen Sri Lanka

Hagranop B.V. is involved with Stichting Kansarmen Sri Lanka.

This foundation focuses on the following:

“The Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life of (the most) disadvantaged people of Sri Lanka by providing Water and Sanitary facilities. A better quality of life provides better future prospects. The target group mainly consists of the poorest rural schools and also poor urban communities, orphanages and homes for the elderly.”

For more information:

Several sponsoring

Hagranop B.V. sponsors several, often annually returning, activities.
For example:

Boer'n trekkertrek (tractor racing)

Sticora NOP - Combinerace Emmeloord

Autocross Espel

S.V. Tonego

S.V. Ens

Tour for Life 2014, team Heidi fietst (31 augustus 2014 t/m 7 september 2014)

Flevolands Bloembollen Open Golf Tournament 2014


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