One of the parts that Hagranop B.V. has mastered right down to the smallest detail is the storage process. To ensure the quality of the carrots, they should not be too old. This means they should not be sown and harvested too soon, preferably under optimal conditions: with a certain amount of moisture, sufficient soil and at temperatures that are not too high. Want to learn more? Ask the Hagranop B.V. specialists. 

Monitoring system

For greater assurance, fewer losses and to improve the quality even more, Hagranop B.V. has implemented a unique method. For every batch to be refrigerated a sample is stored outside the cooler. The quality of the batch can be monitored by regularly washing these batches.

Because storage outside the cooler reveals any loss of quality much faster, this also indicates the quality of the batch that was stored in the cooler. A perfect monitoring system that allows Hagranop B.V. to always deliver carrots in time.

The implementation of this method provides the customers with additional quality assurance.



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